And the second BRAINS!! shooter is…

The Washington Apple!
The Washington Apple is a mixture of Crown Royal canadian whisky, Apple Pucker, and Cranberry “Juice” Cocktail. Shaken and strained and served as a shooter. I just spoke with a friend who works at a dive bar in Richmond, and he said, “yeah, the drink is made with Crown Royal, unless they are seated at a table away from the bar, in which case it’s make with my cheapest bourbon.” It’s the integrity that makes it yummy! We will be tasting and discussing how to improve the Washington Apple at our second meeting on 4/30.
The following inspirational quotes regarding the Washington Apple are from the drink’s recipe page on a website I found:

Myleah Theo

umma try this one tonight! c:

Jo Smith · D.T. Server at The Cheesecake Factory

I’m making these for when my baby sister comes home =)

Trish Taramasco · MCC

I had my first washington apple with Josue at the wedding of his brother and my daughter and it was awesome.We drank to new family ties and love wishes forever for Mo and Emily.Cheers

Ken Wukotich · David Anderson Junior – Senior

all time favorite shot, they must be a ruby red color or they arn`t made right

Jenny Vazquez

yes like juice, flavor is so decieving, so smooth you’ll think your indestructible….until you get up from your chair and fall lmao

Well! I’ll be. Looks like NYC isn’t the only one with great cocktail bars, because people from coast to coast are enjoying the Washington Apple shooter with their baby sister and Mo and Emily and Josue, enjoying it’s ruby red color to ensure it has been properly made, until they fall off their chairs. Umma fall off my chair tonight lmao.

E A T  B R A I N S
1 comment
  1. Poor Jenny Vazquez. She took 4-5 sentences and condensed them down into 1 mildly coherent thought with horrible grammar.

    “Yes. It is like juice. The flavor is so DECEIVING (*also, Jenny forgot the ‘i before e, except after c’ rule). It is so smooth you will think YOU ARE (*also, Jenny forgot that ‘your’ is not the proper contraction to convey ‘you are’) indestructible….until you get up from your chair and fall. I am laughing my ass off.”

    I think Jenny from the block has taken a few too many Washington Apples. I think the disgusting Pucker is boring holes into her brain.

    I can’t wait to see how ya’ll improve on this one. Keep up the good work guys!

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